11 Clever Tips for Christmas Shopping in the Philippines


In Philippines Christmas is celebrated as the harbinger of “ber” months. And it is a known fact that Christmas is round the corner. Most of us are busy shopping for our near and dear ones. We have to plan well in advance since it may burn a hole in our pocket if we go on buying spree without a proper budget. Bear in mind the eleven golden rules to see that everything goes about smoothly.

1) Practice the 3 S’S of shopping:

    -> save money

    -> set a budget

    -> stick to it

2) Consider a year-round shopping schedule:

   For this, start shopping at an earlier time and take advantage of the low prices.

3) Shop during after-Christmas sales:

   During this time the prices are very low. So we can score bigger deals.

4) Keep your credit cards away:

   Always pay in cash

5) Avoid impulse buying: We may end up spending more by doing this.

6) Give meaningful gifts: They are home made cookies and cakes which we can gift  

   our loved ones.

7) Shop early and avoid the crowd:

8) Wear comfortable clothes:

9) Bring eco bags: Using eco bags reduces plastic consumption

10) Find alternative ways of shopping:

11) Record the purchases: we need to keep track of our purchases and expenses.

     Make a note of them in a spreadsheet. Preserve the receipts in case you want  

     to exchange it.


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