12 Christmas traditions around the world

Food traditions

-> Japan: Even though 25th December is not a recognized holiday in Japan, some people celebrate with KFC bucket of Chicken.

-> Poland: On Christmas eve, Polish families have a traditional feast with a piece of iron placed under the table (to ensure strong legs).

-> South Africa: here, oil-fried emperor moths are a common festive treat.

Tree traditions

-> China: The Chinese city of Changzhou erects its own Christmas tree made completely of beer bottles.

-> Germany: German families decorating their tree will find a special place for one ornament in particular- the Christmas pickle.

-> UAE: In 2010, Abu Dhabi nabbed the record for the costliest Christmas tree ever. It costed 7.2 million Euros. It was decked in gold ornaments and gems.

The celebrations

-> Bolivia: here it is believed that rooster was the one who announced the birth of Jesus. Thanks to this. Christmas eve mass can be a noisy affair, as attendants bring along their very own rooster to celebrate.

-> Norway: it is believed that during the night evil witches will descend and steal all the brooms they can find. So they hide their brooms on Christmas eve.

->Spain: families here add an unusual character to the traditional nativity scenes- a caganer (figurine with dropped pants) leaving a special purpose for baby Jesus.

Gift traditions

-> Serbia: Presents come two Sundays before Christmas to children in Serbia.

-> Netherlands: Children will open presents that have been left in their shoes by the Dutch Santa.

-> Sweden: Swedish people add to the fun of gift giving with handwritten rhymes on the outside of each present.

SOURCE: Travel Republic

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