12 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure This Christmas


The 12 Home Security Tips of Christmas

  1. Don’t give burglars a leg up.
  2. Light up your winter.
  3. Going away during the Christmas holidays? Ask royal mail to hold up your mail.
  4. Join your local neighbourhood watch. Join or start a neighbourhood watch scheme.
  5. Window shopping for burglars. Don’t leave any valuable items near windows.
  6. don’t share your holiday plans.
  7. Store all sets of key away from the front door.
  8. Keep out any unwanted guests
  9. Light up sensors in the garden and in front of your property. This will keep burglars at bay.
  10. Sign to say it is yours. This is because if you happen to lose it then someone may return it to you.
  11. Lock any door or shed that can be used by a burglar.
  12. Call a local locksmith to book in a home security.

SOURCE: Keytek

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