A Decade of iPhone Evolution (Infographic)


iPHONE is the prime smart phone of this generation.  It is really fabulous that IPHONE has deeply rooted in an individuals every day life.  It is exactly a decade back I.e; on June 29, 2007 the first IPHONE was released.  To look back at the evolution of the first IPHONE is in constitution of quad-band GSM, cellular connectivity with GRPS and EDGE support. The first phone is available in two storage capacities viz; 4GB and 8GB.  The first phone was crossed over 6 million units in sales.  In 2008 3G, GPS and app store were been introduced to this phone.  In 2009 32GB storage capacity was included.  In 2010 OS4 was introduced with multi tasking capacities.  Therefore, this phone has been emerged and updated in many ways till 2016.  Finally, in 2017 Red color finish of IPHONE 7 and IPHONE 7 plus were been released.

Source: SureCall

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