10 Best Radio Website Templates


Every time I think of a radio I always remember 106.9 in Wisconsin Dells. It feels like I still hear their motto: “Today’s best music mix!”. This radio station made every day of mine going at work and back. What about you? How do you feel about radio? What can we do to make a radio rock again? I hope that 10 best radio website templates will help us to figure it out!

The thing is that a digital era tries to push everything old-school out. For this reason, people forget about paper books & notebooks, pencils and watercolors, and a nice stream of music from a sweet radio in the kitchen. Despite the fact that the youth defines radio as something retro and boring, I’m sure that it is a source of romantic and bright memories for our moms and dads.

However, being a part of a new generation, I keep another attitude to the radio. As for me, it is pretty much better than any modern music app on Google Play or App Store. Yes, radio has an old-school spirit, and this spirit makes it more and more captivating for me. Top songs, the sound of sizzling radio waves, and a magical atmosphere in the air makes radio some.thing really special and cool. In fact, it’s a pity that lots of people worldwide dropped listening to radio as an uninteresting old toy.

Fortunately, there is a great modern tool that can recover anything from the past. Yes, I’m about the Internet. Today we can’t imagine ourselves without a wireless connection and social media. So, if a fashion from 80s and 90s comes back, why don’t we bring back a lovely and modest radio?

A professional-looking web page for your radio station can not only help you with a smart presentation, but also with a quality promotion and the engagement of your audience. People will listen their favorite songs and will share their impressions of the best live streams on social media. Basically, it’s a supercool chance to make the radio speak again!

So, how to come up with this idea as a pro? First of all, you can purchase a turnkey website from a freelancer or a local web development agency. Here we got no worries, no troubles, just a plenty of money. Anyway, if you are okay with it, take a close look at this Web Studios Catalog. It contains a variety of certified and verified web development agencies that you can easily use with no risks.

If you have some leisure, feel free to launch a perfect radio website on your own. For sure, it will take a bit more time but you will get new skills, an unforgettable experience, and, of course, a stunning radio website! Moreover, today’s web market has a lot of wonderful tools to help you to succeed with this project! I’m about various ready-made templates and themes. Basically, these things can help you to spice up your radio station and to take it to the top!

Being respectful to quality and reliability, I would like to recommend you TemplateMonster as a solid templates and themes provider. This company serves people with their products for 15 years! Therefore, you get a lifetime 24/7 support on any product and a quality & satisfaction guarantee. To say more, premium radio website templates from this provider come with a clean code, a simple step by step documentation, and a fully responsive unique design. Furthermore, each radio website template has a wide range of ready-made HTML pages and a rich number of static and dynamic elements. These features will help you to present your radio station in details and to underpin all the info with multiple types of content.

Now it’s time to see these 10 best radio website templates in action! Hit the demo to make the right choice!

RadioFM Website TemplateRadioFM Website Template New Screenshots BIG

Radio Website Responsive Website TemplateRadio Website Responsive Website Template New Screenshots BIG

Radio Website Responsive Website TemplateRadio Website Responsive Website Template New Screenshots BIG

Online Radio Joomla TemplateOnline Radio Joomla Template New Screenshots BIG

Radio Website Responsive Website TemplateRadio Website Responsive Website Template New Screenshots BIG

Radio Website Responsive Newsletter TemplateRadio Website Responsive Newsletter Template New Screenshots BIG

Radio Website Responsive Landing Page TemplateRadio Website Responsive Landing Page Template New Screenshots BIG

Radio Station Website TemplateRadio Station Website Template New Screenshots BIG

Radio Website Flash CMS TemplateRadio Website Flash CMS Template New Screenshots BIG

Mixed Taste Music Shop Magento ThemeMixed Taste Music Shop Magento Theme New Screenshots BIG

How do you like this showcase of 10 best radio website templates? Have you chosen the perfect one? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

As for me, I think that radio still rocks. I hope that you will take lots of cool radio stations online, so, they could have a second bright life! Stay tuned, and have a great radio music ahead.

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