Keeping Your Presents a Surprise this CHRISTMAS!



Keeping the gifts at a secret place this Christmas. That will prevent them from being discovered.

  1. The car boot: the boot is a good place to hide presents. Make sure you cover them with a blanket.
  2. Under your child’s bed: when was the last time the children checked under their bed.
  3. On guard: put a toy elf in the room where you store your children’s presents. Tell your child that if the elf reports back to santa and if they are caught, then santa won’t come.
  4. Fake it: wrap empty boxes in Christmas paper and place them in more obvious places in your house. And keep a note inside it saying “you will never find them”.
  5. Old suitcases: make use of these old suitcases that are long forgotten to store the presents.
  6. At work: keep the presents at your workplace. No child can ever know where it is, if it’s not at home.
  7. The sock drawer: no child will ever want to dig into the sock drawer even if they know that Christmas presents are there inside.
  8. Boxes in the attic: you can stash them away in the attic in a box labelled “kids math homework” or “Halloween decorations” so that the children will never find out.


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