Latest New Year Stationary 2017

New year is the time when a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count increases by one. Each culture celebrates new year according to their own customs. During the middle ages, in Europe, authorities moved New Year’s’ day frequently, depending on the locale, to one of many days among them: 1st March, 25th March, Easter, 1st September and 25th December.

In England and Wales, 1751 began on March 25th and lasted for 282 days, and 1752 began on January 1st.

People exchange New Year wishes and happy New year greetings

The early development of the Christian liturgical year coincided with the Roman Empire and later coincided with the Byzantine empire. Both of them introduced a taxation system called Indiction, the year for which began on September 1st.

You can find some exquisite calendars and calendar templates below

Wall Calendar 2017

2017 Desk Calendar Design Vol 2

2017 Desk Calendar Design Vol 2 - Stationery Print Templates

Desk Calendar 2017

Quadratic 2017 Calendar Template

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