MotoCMS vs WordPress

MotoCMS vs WordPress

The best way to choose the best CMS product for your company is to verify their solutions (or cross check them against each other). In the following presentation you can compare WP and MotoCMS, against each aspect, in detail. You can get an overall idea, about their ratings, overall score and user satisfaction. You can see and understand which one outperforms the other and how. And think about your company in the future – will it outgrow the app in the next three to five years? Such of those who do not have time or want a CMS from us can experiment the following choices for the current year – they are DrupaL, WP and Acquia.


1) Score:

-> WP (our score): 9.2

-> MotoCMS (our score): 8.6

2) Client experience:

-> WP: 98%

-> MotoCMS: 100%

3) Cost:

-> WP: free

-> MotoCMS: by quote

4) Price scheme:

-> WP: free

-> MotoCMS: Quote based


5) General info:

-> WP: this is the leading open source and free blogging and content management system, that does not need any knowledge on FTP or HTML.

-> MotoCMS: The purpose of the CMS is to simplify the creation and maintenance of professional sites of various categories of business.

6) Types of clients:

-> WP: Freelancers, medium business, large enterprises and small business.

-> Moto CMS: Freelancers, Medium business, small business

7) Available languages:

-> WP: USA, International

-> MotoCMS: Canada, USA, UK, Russia, Spain, Germany and International

8) Available integrations:

-> WP:

WP integrates with the following 3rd party systems and apps.

  • Live agent
  • Constant contact
  • Campaign monitor
  • Bitium
  • ActiveCampaign

-> MotoCMS:

The MotoCMS integrates with the following apps and business systems

Social widgets:

  • Twitter timeline
  • Facebook feed
  • Pinterest board

9) Types of support:

-> WP:


-> MotoCMS:

Phone, ticket and live support

10) Available plans:

-> WP:

Due to the fact the WP is totally free and is open source, the compatible plugins are also free. You could use them to upgrade its services.

-> MotoCMS:

You can contact the MotoCMS for the pricing info and the product details. You can also get a free trial if it is perfect for you.

11) Available devices:

-> WP:

Windows, iPhone/iPad, web-based, Android and Mac

-> MotoCMS:

Windows, Mac and web-based

12) Popular clients:

-> WP:

The Herald Sun, Vogue India, WNBA

-> MotoCMS:

Blue Oceans media, Swiss Virtual, caffeine marketing

13) List of features:

-> WP:

  • Easy to publish
  • Built in comments
  • Search engine optimized
  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity

-> MotoCMS:

  • The widgets collection is large
  • The website builder is simple drag and drop
  • There are hundreds of Pre built templates

14) Compare alternatives:

-> WP:

Compare WP with the following:

  • Hubspot
  • Gutensite
  • Titan CMS
  • MotoCMS
  • Concrete5
  • Evoq content
  • Drupal
  • OpenText TeamSite, Joomla, Squarespace

-> MotoCMS:

Compare MotoCMS with the following:

  • Contentful
  • Episerver
  • Joomla
  • Slidebean
  • Pyrocms
  • Evoq Content
  • Acquia
  • Gutensite
  • Expressionengine and
  • video branding tools.

15) Popular Alternatives:

-> WP:

  • Wistia Alternatives (score = 8.6)
  • Titan CMS Alternatives (6.5)
  • eZ Alternatives (8.2)
  • WebDAM alternatives (8.3)
  • Slidebean Alternatives (8.5)

-> MotoCMS:

  • Smart image alternatives (score = 7.8)
  • CrownPeak alternatives (8.0)
  • Concrete5 Alternatives (8.6)
  • Kentico alternatives (8.8)
  • Box alternatives (8.9)


There is no CMS in the world that can be a perfect for solving all of the company’s requirements. Yes, the main functionalities of WP and MotoCMS are a priority, but you must also examine the integrations offered by each of the products. Normally, you will be working with another Saas software in your firm, and it is arguably more beneficial to go with the applications, which integrate well with each other. By doing this you can ensure a smooth transition of data between your teams and the software that is used. This can greatly reduce the time that is devoted for migrating between app to app.

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