The Best Christmas Packaging Campaigns


The Best Christmas Packaging Campaigns

Planning for Christmas starts early during the year. Here are some ideas on how to use the product’s packaging which is the centre piece of Christmas campaign.

Special holiday packaging is a marketing tactic for most of the major brands. We will see which campaigns have risen above the rest.

Starbucks: the starbucks are fun and sensational. Starbuck’s first quarter sales of 2012 jumped 10% on the sale of speciality holiday drinks. In 2011 they released the cup magic app for mobiles. This would bring the red cup’s art to life.

Coca-Cola is known for changing the bottle and can designs for the various seasons and events like Winter Olympics in 2010. In 2011, Coca-Cola joined hands with World Wildlife Foundation and designed a special “Arctic home” line of holiday cans. Proceeds from these cans would go to protecting polar bear habitats which would improve the brand image of Coca-Cola.

Netflix is a close cousin to the starbuck’s red cup, the red envelop had become a powerful symbol of brand recognition for Netflix. The evolution of Netflix is as below.

-> The company first began in 1999, it packaged its DVDs in thick cardboard           mailers.

-> In 2000, Netflix experimented with thick paper, coloured paper and plastic.

-> In 2004, Netflix advertises a movie (“Shrek 2”) on the envelop.

-> In 2005, the red mailer was introduced.

-> At present, Netflix adds fun, interesting prints on its holiday mailers starting from Halloween and running through the holidays.

Dunkin Donuts is named after its donuts, but they are known for their coffee. They now focus their branding efforts over here (ie Coffee). While packaging in-stores is consistent, their line of seasonal coffee flavors come in a huge variety. The packaging is used to enhance their limited edition seasonal flavors by designing unique themes for each flavor.

Kleenex boxes keep changing throughout the year to match the season. However their holiday boxes are noteworthy, since this is the season where the tissues are most used. Every year they introduce a new winter collection, that aims to turn the packaging of a household staple into a work of art worthy of display. This year Kleenex released a line of tissue boxes having a “Peaked Top”, to look like small houses. In 2011, they won an award “Product of the year” for their oval holiday-themed tissue boxes.

Cadbury was started 200 years ago. In the year 2013, they will start their first multi-brand holiday marketing campaign. Cadbury’s marketing manager himself admitted that they never invested in Christmas promotions as they did for Easter. The new Cadbury wrappers are decorated to instill the idea of winter sweaters.

Mistakes to avoid:

  1. Be careful your packaging does not deviate too far off brand.
  2. Don’t advertise too early.
  3. Don’t over package.

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