The Female-Founded Companies That Get Funded (Infographic)


An abundant number of women are becoming Founders and CEO’s.  Once,  a very good amount of  US based companies had secured funding.  Disastrously, only a very less percentage of these companies had atleast one female founder.  By means of research funding and  its  affliations towards the female founders, online graphic  design market place desired to disclose the information that where these female funded are located and what are their activities.  A very good amount of these female led companies are situated at bay area.  The next big cities to witness these female led companies are located at New York, Losangeles, and Boston.  These female led companies are mostly engaged at health care industry, commerce, biotech and finally software.

Female_Founders_Funding_Infographic_v1 (1)

Source: 99DESIGNS

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