The Journey Of Your Emails This Christmas

christmas emails


There are some mysteries associated with Christmas. Does anyone know how Santa Claus know where every child lives. And moreover does any know why Santa wears the same red coat every Christmas.

So we have decided to focus on what we are best at: email. Have you ever wondered how the Christmas campaign reach the inbox? We are about to discover the journey of the emails through the net. So fasten your seat belts to embark on this journey.

-> Creating the email:

Compose the email and send it.

->Getting ready for departure:

The ESP works on the email. The ESP checks the DNS to ensure the destination exists.

-> Knocking on the ISPs door:

The receiving ISP assesses the following:

The sender reputation and checks we are not blacklisted. The sender authentication etc.

If everything looks good, the ISP will accept the email into its network. If the email fails any of these tests it will be bounced back.

-> Landing safely:

The ISP inspects the email. It applies its own spam filters and checks for the reputation of the email. Depending up on the reputation it will either send it to spam or to inbox.

SOURCE: Mailjet

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