The Organizational Tactics, Work Habits and Routines of the Most Successful People (Infographic)

Work Habits

In an organization productivity is largely depends on how the work space is structured and organized.  This workspace can assist nor resist the good prroductivity.  So, therefore a dynamic step has to be taken to improve the workspace.  First of all, the desks and surroundings should be well organized.  A clean desk reveals clarity and reduces the stress.  It is only a myth of many number of people.  But, it is a fact that Einstein supports a scattered desk.  He reiterates that if a messy desk is a symbol of messy mind then, what would be the sign of an empty desk.  Researches reveals that open floor setups can results in creativity and productivity.  An another choice is the standing desk.  The studies reveals that  standing desk can enhance the productivity by 10%.  Ernest Hemingway a renowned author can be cited for an instance who ardently uses a standing desk.



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