30+ Trending Christmas Motion Graphic Videos

30+ Trending Christmas Motion Graphic Videos

It is believed that Jesus was born on December 25th. Ever since then this day was called as Christmas. He was the son of God. The winter has long been a celebration time across the world. Several years before Christ was born, Europeans celebrated light and birth in the winter. When the winter was gone people rejoiced because the worse part was over and they could get brighter days and sunlights.  

In recognition of the return of the Sun, people would bring heavy logs to their house and they would set them on fire. This log would burn for twelve days and during this time the people would feast. The Norse would believe that every spark that came from the fire represented a new pig or calf that would be born in the following year.

Here one can find some exclusive videos of transitions, snow, themed backgrounds, and many more videos for this Christmas.


Christmas Transitions

Christmas Snow

Christmas Background

Christmas Background

Christmas Ball

Merry Christmas

Christmas Gift

Christmas Backgrounds

Christmas Tree

Christmas KIT

Christmas Fire

Merry Christmas

Christmas Titles

Christmas Transitions

Christmas Background

Green Christmas

Christmas Shimmers Red Background

Christmas Transitions & Frames

Christmas Winter BG

Christmas Red Balls Background

Red Christmas Background

Christmas Holiday Bokehs and Leaks

Christmas light AR

Red Christmas Ornaments Background

Christmas Background Ver.1

Rotating Christmas Balls And Bokeh

Christmas Tree 1

Christmas Gift 2

Christmas Tree over the City!

Santa Claus Jumping

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